An All-In-One course to make you a confident technical leader who communicates effectively to open up doors to your dream career. 

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I’ve always believed that an introvert can take over the world if they learn to communicate well.

I've founded two companies (and working on a third!), created a 150k+ following on social media by talking about quantum computing, coding, and startups, and raised millions in venture funding.

But I'm still an introvert through and through. No one ever believes how shy I used to be. Nowadays, I can "fake" extraversion. But 10 years ago, I wouldn't have imagined being on social media or giving talks to thousands of people.

One day, a mentor told me "You have the IQ. If you get the EQ, you’re going to be unstoppable.” 

If I wanted to reach my goals, I had to learn how to communicate my vision. 

This is the course I wish when I was 20 and starting my career. I’ve taken the tools and strategies I’ve used for 10+ years to overcome my shyness and imposter syndrome and build my companies. 


Maybe your career is doing fine... or maybe you're tired of being passed up for promotions and opportunities 


Who is this for?

  • You are an introverted entrepreneur or industry leader who needs to step into their C-level mindset to close funding, customers, and lead your teams effectively
  • You have big ideas and big dreams, but you are introverted at heart, worry about imposter syndrome, and you have trouble projecting confidence -- despite all of your skills, training, knowledge, and success
  •  You feel like you are not shining and are ignored in the meeting rooms and passed over for promotions even though you are smart AF and have a ton of value to give



Working with the world's top tech companies

All The Tools To Become a Confident Technical Leader

We dive first into mindset and building self awareness in your communication style, troubleshoot imposter syndrome to craft a plan to open the doors to new opportunities in your career, and then we practice storytelling by honing your personal brand - your elevator pitch and your online presence. Together, we fill in the gaps so you can fully express yourself through body language, writing, and speaking - whether you want to speak to 100,000 people in your next TED talk or simply connect with your colleagues and present yourself in your best light on your promotion packet.



Tom got 22M views and 5000 preorders on his first TikTok video. His startup is finally seeing the traction he needs to raise funding!


Emily is an engineer on a journey to help neurodiverse people to find their places in tech through her content and course!


Amy is a devops engineer who has now successfully transitioned into quantum computing by battling imposter syndrome to get promoted!


 Career and personal brand clarity

 A growing network of colleagues, mentors, and sponsors to bring you to the next level in your career

✔ A website showcasing your accomplishments

 A cleaned up resume

An optimized LinkedIn page for discoverability

 A polished, edited blog post to kick off your brand, as well as tweets and LinkedIn post tips

 A completed video to practice your speaking skills 

 A media kit for building a personal brand

A plan for creating content and personal brand authority to make sure you keep on track after this course is done. 


You'll have not just a shift in mindset, but a plan with action items and completed deliverables to bring you confidence and authority in your career journey. 





✔ Lifetime access to the "Extraversion for Introverts" Mastercourse

✔ Lifetime access to private members-only Slack community for feedback and support. Share your wins on your confidence journey, brainstorm and get advice about careers and tricky work situations from me and others, and share your content and collaborate to grow your personal brand even faster!

✔ Worksheets and templates

✔ Accountability check-ins

✔ BONUS: Ongoing monthly webinars with industry experts on topics YOU want to learn about.

✔ BONUS: Troubleshooting Work Interactions - handling interruptions, sales calls, and people you can't stand! 

✔ And more! 

The Extraversion for Introverts Course

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